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Mixer4 is a 127-channel audio mixing and processing tool.


  - One file, less than 180 kB in size, which can be run from a flash drive, CD, etc.
  - Built-in equalizers, compressors, and reverb.
  - Carefully designed for audio quality.
  - More ...


   Mar 20, 2015: Mixer4 3-Year Anniversary Update! (vca faders, etc)
   Mar 01, Feb 20, 2015: Mixer4 Updates (features)
   Feb 16, 2015: Editor Update (features)
   Feb 11, 2015: Recorder7 Update (features)
   Feb 01, 2015: Mixer4 and Parametric Plate Updates (features)
   Dec 20, 2014: Mixer4 (important bug fixes, added 2 more eq bands)
   Oct 20, 2014: Waveplayer update
   Aug 27, 2014: Recorder7 update (fixes and features)
   Aug 18, 2014: Parametric Plate updates (features and many fixes)
   Jul 09, 2014: Metronome update (important bug fixes)

Accessory Programs


Guide: Parametric Plate
Guide: Multiedit
Guide: Cuegen
Guide: Songcab
Guide: Recorder7
Guide: Waveplayer
Guide: Metronome
Guide: Rebounder
Guide: Sweeper
Guide: Editor
Guide: Cwavefm
Guide: Trec
Guide: Refpitch
Guide: Hdrfix
Guide: Wavesplitter

Parametric Plate is an optional graphical interface for Mixer4

Multiedit is a tool for comping drum or instrument multitracks

Cuegen is a cue sheet generator

Songcab is a songwriting and recording tool with a playlist

Recorder7 is a multitrack player and recorder

Waveplayer is a .wav player with looping capability

Metronome has the option for programmable tempo and meter changes

Rebounder is a command line based delay tool with a simple router

Sweeper is a room frequency response testing tool

Editor is a fast text-based wave file builder

Cwavefm is a simple and fast waveform viewer for the terminal

Trec is a simple instantaneous 1-2 track recorder

Refpitch is a sine wave generator for instrument tuning

Hdrfix fixes wave file headers that do not match song length

Wavesplitter splits stereo wave files into 2 mono wave files

Contact email: mixer4 at acousticrefuge dot com
All software and audio copyright by Grekim Jennings 2008-2014