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Mixer4 is a 127-channel software audio mixer built around the most precise summing engine possible.

Using any text editor, the musician or engineer can copy, paste and edit all settings such as
effect parameters, pan, and volume.

Mixer4 is cross platform and has an optional graphical interface that will run efficiently
on Linux, Windows, or a Mac OS.

The software is coded in C and was initially based on efficient techniques to read particle
physics simulation data for research associated with CERN.

Apr 17th: Mixer4 updated
Apr 15th: Recorder7 updated
Feb 27th: A collection of 15 programs (Linux 32/64/Pi) is available
Cuegen and Songcab are new programs!
An important update for Parametric Plate fixes a Windows bug.

Accessory Programs

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Guide: Parametric Plate
Guide: Cuegen
Guide: Songcab
Guide: Recorder7
Guide: Waveplayer
Guide: Metronome
Guide: Sweeper
Guide: Editor
Guide: Cwavefm
Guide: Trec
Guide: Refpitch
Guide: Hdrfix
Guide: Wavesplitter

Parametric Plate is an optional graphical interface for Mixer4

Cuegen is a cue sheet generator

Songcab is a songwriting and recording tool with a playlist

Recorder7 is a multitrack player and recorder

Waveplayer is a .wav player with looping capability

Metronome has the option for programmable tempo and meter changes

Sweeper is a room frequency response testing tool

Editor is a fast text-based wave file builder

Cwavefm is a simple and fast waveform viewer for the terminal

Trec is a simple instantaneous 1-2 track recorder

Refpitch is a sine wave generator for instrument tuning

Hdrfix fixes wave file headers that do not match song length

Wavesplitter splits stereo wave files into 2 mono wave files

Contact email: grekimj at acousticrefuge dot com
All software and audio copyright by Grekim Jennings 2008-2014