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Mixing We offer complete digital mixing or in combination with analog outboard gear.  We can finish projects that you recorded yourself or at another studio.   We’ll find a compressor and eq that is best for your voice or instrument.  Mastering While we usually recommend a dedicated mastering environment, you will probably be surprised by what we can do right here.  We follow the recommendations of mastering engineers such as Bob Katz and believe in sonic quality over loudness. Accompaniment and Production Production is about getting that sound that you have in your head into a medium that you and your fans can enjoy forever.  We may even help you discover a sound that you never knew was possible.  Come to us with a song and lyrics and we can add a complete band to support you.  We provide in house drums, guitar, and bass.  And we have links to local area profiessional musicians.  Rough sounding vocals can be tuned and loose rhythm tracks can be tightened. 
Recording From full band multitracking to just a singer with a guitar.  Record to industry standard software workstations. We always strive to position the best microphone for the job at the ideal position.  You can focus on your music without latency or technical distractions.  Great sounds in a recording session mean less time is needed for processing and mixing later.